Medium Rare Basketball League

The Medium Rare Basketball League got underway Thursday night with a hard-fought three game series between Jellyvision and Livongo. Games took place at the Menomonee Club and the two teams set a record for the lowest amount of trash talk or “Dude, that’s a foul” moments in pickup basketball history. Observers called the atmosphere “fiercely competitive but friendly.”

Livongo took Game 1. Jellyvision stormed back to take Game 2. Then Livongo pulled away in Game 3 behind some solid 3-pt shooting. 

The goal of the Medium Rare Basketball League is to create matchups between Chicago Tech companies. The bigger goal is for this to help fund scholarships for basketball camps around the city (at places like the Menomonee Club) and also for coding schools like Codeverse. 

If you work at a Chicago Tech company and have at least five people who want to play, connect/message Chris O’Brien on LinkedIn. 

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