New Ebook Hot off the Press!

Are you going through UMBC withdrawals?

Is Loyola Chicago and Sister Jean just not quite scratching your Cinderella itch?

Do you wish I didn’t just use the phrase “Cinderella itch?”

Hey, we hear ya. The UMBC Retrievers shocked the world, and who knows if we’ll have to wait for another 135 games before we see it happen again. This could be like a Haley’s Comet situation.

So enjoy this new ebook (Available on Amazon) that dives into the history of 16’s versus Number 1s, the close calls (too many include Kansas), and I try to develop what’s the 16-step formula to beat a Number 1. How well did UMBC follow the formula? Could it happen again?

Best part: Only 99 cents. Enjoy!


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