Selection Sunday Practice Run – Chris and Charles Weigh In


We have big dreams for Medium Rare Basketball.

I’m talking podcasts, video series, even apparel. Yep. Apparel. I want to release a Medium Rare basketball shoe sometime before 2032.

BUT the road to these big dreams starts with some baby steps. And some bumps along the way.

After the Selection Committee held their “Selection Sunday Practice Run,” I thought instead of a write-up, let’s try out a podcast. The challenge: I live in Chicago, Charles lives in Indiana. We managed to get a recording through Google Voice but the audio is, admittedly, a little bit rough.

But we’re learning from it. We’ve got the SoundCloud setup, iTunes coming eventually. We’ll learn as we go, try to improve the sound quality with each episode. As well as the content.

So think of this as our practice run too. Selection Committee has four weeks to figure their final choices out, we’ve got four weeks to get better for the Big Dance.

If anyone has advice for how to improve the audio (should we use Skype? Stick with Google voice? Something else?) email me at

And if you’re interested in starting a podcast, also email me, I’ll let you know how we got to this point. Starting your idea has never been easier.


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