Excited to team up with Indoor Hoops Chicago

Indoor Hoops swooped in for the rescue with the Chicago Tech 3-on-3 tournament. They’re going to help us run the event. Extremely thankful for this collaboration!

What’s cool about this:

  • If we run out of time for the final games, we’ll set something up for next week at one of their 13 gyms around the city. Throw a Final Four event.
  • Also creates some cool possibilities for future tournaments or even just two companies arranging an exhibition game.

You can also sign up for weekly pickup basketball games on their site – Indoor Hoops

Or join the Indoor Hoops channel on our Medium Rare Basketball Slack. Sign up here. 

(Note – This Slack link above will work until Labor Day. If you’re seeing this post after September of 2019 just use this Google Form to get set up)

Best Indoor Hoops Logo

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