Time for summer vacation

Medium Rare Basketball covers both college basketball and NBA. We see the two seasons breaking down like this:

College Basketball 

November: Wait, college basketball’s back already?

December – February: I mean, I am paying attention, but there’s also football…

March: My family. My job. My life. Everything stops for March Madness.



October – November: Woah, there’s an NBA game on TNT. Didn’t we just have the NBA Finals??

December – March: Keeping tabs on the regular season, but football and March Madness are sharing the same fan space. Plus, it’s hard to get up for a Suns vs. Hawks game on a random night in January. The NBA regular season tends to only be about the big events. You tune in for LeBron vs. Kawhi. Giannis vs. Embiid. Steph vs. Lillard.

April: Is it the playoffs yet?

May – June: The best basketball stretch of the year – NBA playoffs.

June – July: The NBA Draft + the must-see craziness of the NBA offseason. Then Summer League.

Then every other year we get the FIBA World Cup or basketball in the Olympics. We long for the day when the FIBA World Cup is a bigger deal. Right now people always say, “Is that a typo for FIFA?”

So there’s a dead zone from mid-July to October where there’s really nothing to talk about (besides the 2-3 weeks of FIBA/Olympics).

And so a lot of sites will say, “Well, we have to produce something! We can’t just have no content for over two months.”

Our view: Why not take a vacation? There’s nothing to cover right now and the internet doesn’t need another season preview article. It’s time to head to the lake for a little bit.

The schedule ahead

July 15 – Mid-August: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

August 15: We’re hosting our first ever basketball tournament right here in Chicago. This particular event is to benefit the organization Future Founders. The teams will come from some of the top tech companies in Chicago. 

August 30 – September 15: Some FIBA World Cup coverage

September 15 – Mid-October: One last rest before…

Mid-October: Game time. Run it back.


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