The Super Team Era is almost over. Almost…

We are so stinkin’ close.

Durant has left the Bay Area, taking his talents to the Brooklyn Nets. Sure, the Warriors still picked up D’Angelo Russell, and that is a deadly 3-guard attack with Steph and Klay, but that signing makes Golden State a great team, not a guaranteed NBA champion.

LeBron got AD, but the Lakers won’t be able to add Kemba, Jimmy Butler, Russell, Klay, Kyrie or Durant. If they can’t land Kawhi, they have to use the cap space to fill the roster with mere mortals.

The gauntlet is almost off of Thanos’ hand. All Kawhi has to do is sign with the Clippers. Or re-sign with the Raptors. Hell, take a year off. Anything! Just don’t sign with the Lakers.

We’re so close. Kawhi, hold it together. Hold it together.

Kawhi, no!!

(This is how we’ll feel if Kawhi ends up signing with the Lakers. Can somebody out there on the internet do that video thing where you put Kawhi’s face on Star Lord’s character)

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