Traveling Bear: What I’m Thankful for in the NBA

Thanksgiving is my time to shine. And if you’ve never seen a bear on thanksgiving, let me give you just a quick flyover of what that looks like:

  • I eat an entire 22-lb turkey
  • Eight full salmon
  • Three feet of stuffing
  • One bucket of mashed potatoes
  • 17 full pumpkin pies

I’m gonna go put on my sweatpants now but, before I do, just wanted to share a few things I’m thankful for in the NBA.

The Top of the Eastern Conference

Kawhi is healthy and focused in Toronto. Giannis is doing Giannis things in Milwaukee. And Philadelphia has an elite Big Three with Joel Embiid (possible MVP candidate), Ben Simmons, and Jimmy Buckets. These three teams are legitimate title contenders. I mean it. They could beat Golden State.

Kemba Walker

Any given week this guy might put up a 50 or 60-point game.

A weird top of the Western Conference

Who had Memphis, Portland, and the non-LeBron Los Angeles team as the Top Three at this point in the season? These teams not only refuse to fall out of the playoff picture, they want homecourt in the first round!

The West is so Deep

New Orleans, San Antonio, Utah, Minnesota, would all be Lottery teams if the season ended today.

Teams smacking around Golden State

The Warriors are on a four-game losing streak. This Draymond/Durant feud is giving us a glimmer of hope that the dynasty might be crumbling right before our eyes. Just look at these recent scores:

Houston whoops Golden State: 107-86

OKC wins on Golden State’s homecourt: 123-95

The Golden State title seemed like a foregone conclusion in 2019, especially after they added Boogie. But now? Things are getting interesting.

The Sacramento Kings

One of the best stories in the NBA. These guys are supposed to be tanking, but they refuse to lose. Their head coach might be on the hot seat for winning games!

And that’s it for now. Gotta warm up my stomach with four pounds of bacon and 10 containers of cinnamon rolls. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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