Rose Again

Imagine you just had the best year of your career. Promoted to the role of VP. Honored at the holiday party with a standing ovation. Massive bonus check.

And the crazy part, you were only 23/24-years-old.

But then your health turned for the worst. Illness after illness. Two years later, you had to miss half the year. Year after that: you took off entirely. The next year: MIA, came in for a couple of weeks, and then another long leave of absence.

Everyone at the company is not only wondering if you’ll ever be healthy again, but they’re starting to grow impatient with all of this time off. We’re paying you a fortune to sit at home. The MVP season feels like light years ago. There starts to be rumblings of cutting ties altogether.

And, two years later, that’s exactly what happens.

But you keep grinding. Keep trying to get healthy. Keep trying to find that same fire and same rhythm you had during that best year ever. You take an entry-level job in Cleveland just to get back in the workforce. Take another entry-level job in Minnesota.

And then it happens. Seven long years after that career year, on a random Halloween night in Minnesota, you have the best day of your career.

Hard not to get emotional.

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