Is this the year we see a 200-point game?

Reason why this claim is ridiculous and you wasted your time clicking on this article:

  • A 200-point game has never happened before. Not even in an All-Star game.
  • Defense is always sloppy at the beginning of the season, it’ll tighten as the year goes on.
  • We should never make big bold claims after three regular season games. The same reason the 0-3 Lakers aren’t in danger of becoming a Lottery team, and Niko Mirotic probably won’t lead the league in scoring, is why I shouldn’t be extrapolate a few 120+ point games into a whopping 200-pointer

BUT here’s why this isn’t a crazy claim at all

  • Just look at some of these scores so far… and it’s only been a week: 143-142, 149-129, 140-136, 124-123, 131-120, 131-112, 125-124, 128-119, 131-123. 
  • The New Orleans Pelicans are averaging (averaging!) 140 ppg right now.
  • How about that Jazz Warriors game from Friday night. Utah put up 81 in the first half. Golden State wasn’t far behind with 69 (a split second away from 72 after Curry hit a near fullcourt shot). The defense tightened in the second half, but that game was heading for the 150s, maybe 160s.
  • We actually got close once before in NBA history, way back in 1983 when the Pistons beat the Nuggets 186-184 in triple overtime. And that’s 35 years ago, long before today’s small ball/3-pt heavy 
  • The 2017 NBA All-Star game was 192-182. Only eight points away!

The recipe for making it happening in a regular season game

We’ve seen 50 point quarters. Seen 90 point halves. Seen Klay Thompson, by himself, drop 37 in a quarter. But it’s really hard to sustain that for four quarters. So, I think the first requirement is going to need to be 2 OT, probably 3 OT.

You’d think the Golden State Warriors are required in this 200-pt equation, especially their borderline Team USA/five All-Star lineup when Boogie gets back. But it’s tricky because the Warriors are often up by 20 heading into the fourth quarter so that Dream Team might be sitting on the bench. And, if it’s a big game against a major contender, that game is more likely to be played in the low 100s because everyone’s thinking a little more about defense.

We also know Pop and Thibs will not be involved. They would rather die than have their names attached to a 200-pt game.

And we can’t have (insert bottom dwelling team of choice here for a cheap shot) because I’m not sure they could score 200 points by themselves in an empty gym

Keeping all of that in mind, here are my two most likely matchups, besides the All-Star game, where we could see 200 points happen.

Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans

The recipe: Boogie is in full revenge mode, Mirotic and Anthony Davis combine for 90, and Steve Kerr has taken the night off.

Sacramento Kings vs. Atlanta Hawks

Stick with me here. The Kings are averaging 125.7 ppg. The Hawks? 119. They are quietly 2nd and 6th in scoring.

Plus, I don’t know how Trae Young will do overall this year, but I do know he’s going to have a few ridiculous 3-pt shooting nights. I’m thinking this hypothetical game is his Devin Booker-esque 70 point performance. And Vince Carter turns the clock back (20 years?) with a heroic 40, complete with a posterizing dunk over Cauley-Stein that brings the nation to tears.

And doesn’t it feel right for this game for it to happen on NBA League Pass? To see on Twitter “Yo, Hawks vs. Kings are tied 100-100… at the HALF! 👀 👀 👀 ”

In conclusion

Will we see 200 this year? Yes… in the All-Star game. Probably not a real game.

BUT I know this for sure, that co-worker who loves NCAA Basketball and complains that the NBA doesn’t play any defense… eh, they might have a point this year.

At least so far…





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