Mr. Monday: Your Basketball Planner (April 16)

Hey. We know you’re busy.

So I want to help you plan your week of basketball. Not listing out every single game, but one or two top picks per night so you can plan your evenings. If a night is empty it’s because I didn’t think there was anything urgent to watch. If I’m wrong, just keep an eye out for the Traveling Bear for what you missed.

I’ll be here every Monday morning, my calendar out, ready to throw you a crisp bounce pass. Let’s get you a great week!


Mr. Monday


Miami vs. Philadelphia, 8 P.M. EST, TNT

When the 76ers offense gets rolling, it’s a thing of beauty. Embiid likely out but he’s been looming around the arena with a Phantom of the Process mystique. 


New Orleans vs. Portland, 10:30 P.M. EST, TNT

The Trailblazers will try to not drop two games on their home floor. The Pelicans saw the return of Playoff Rondo, he dished out 17 assists in Game 1.


Indiana vs. Cleveland, 7 PM EST, TNT

The Cavs should be fine, but keep an eye on this one. The Pacers looked really strong in Game 1, not intimidated at all. 

Minnesota vs. Houston, 9:30 PM EST 

Great first game, look for another battle in Game 2. 


Golden State vs. San Antonio, 9:30 PM, TNT

My guess is Golden State will be up 2-0. But San Antonio always has a strong homecourt advantage. Can the Spurs steal a game?


Hey, you’ve been watching too much basketball. Go see Rampage or Isle of Dogs.


Make sure you watch some of the Jazz vs. Thunder series to see Donovan Mitchell and then tune in for some Greek Freak at home in Milwaukee.

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