2018 NCAA Tournament: 37 Teams Could Make the Final Four (Final Bracket Edition)

By: Chris O’Brien

This year’s March Madness bracket looks harder to predict than ever before. For example, how confident are you in the following games for No. 1 seeds:

  • Villanova vs. Alabama or Virginia Tech
  • Kansas vs. NC State or Seton Hall
  • Xavier vs. Missouri with Michael Porter Jr.

It’s a year that feels like No. 8, 9, 10, maybe even a No. 11 seed has a shot at the Final Four.

So I grouped them out as best I could. The 37 teams that could potentially make a deep March Madness run. Here are the article links below:

Teams that can win it all – Virginia, Villanova, Michigan State, Xavier, Kansas, Duke, Arizona, North Carolina

Teams that can beat anyone – Michigan, Kentucky, Purdue, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Wichita State, Tennessee, Florida

Dark Horse Candidates Gonzaga, Arkansas, Houston, Alabama, UCLA, NC State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma

Don’t Call us Cinderellas – Nevada, New Mexico State, Rhode Island, Loyola Chicago, St. Bonaventure

I Don’t Quite Have the Guts to Pick – Missouri, Arizona State, Texas A&M, TCU, Ohio State, Providence, Virginia Tech, Miami FL

Let Medium Rare Basketball be your go-to place for college basketball this week. Tune in for the Medium Rare College Basketball podcast as well as other articles and videos. Let the tournament begin!

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