Traveling: The Week in Basketball (3.9.18)

Traveling is your quickest way to catch up on the weekend (or week) in the NBA and college basketball. I’ll have a new post up every Monday and Friday; ideal for your morning commute to work or that first bathroom break of the day.

Let’s get into it!

bear ref

Conference Tournament Inflation

The conference tournaments can be dangerous for your NCAA bracket. Why? Because one good stretch of games can make you think a team is better than they were for the four months before that weekend.

To help you avoid conference tournament inflation, here’s a look at the Top Three regular season standings from the Power 6 conferences.


  1. Virginia
  2. Duke
  3. Clemson

Big 12

  1. Kansas
  2. Texas Tech
  3. West Virginia

Big East

  1. Xavier
  2. Villanova
  3. Creighton

Big 10

  1. Michigan State
  2. Purdue
  3. Ohio State

Pac 12

  1. Arizona
  2. USC
  3. UCLA


  1. Auburn
  2. Tennessee
  3. Florida

Checkout this crossover

Aina Ayuso just breaking ankles out there.

Kobe wins Oscar, Kyrie probably won’t but still awesome Uncle Drew news

Kobe Bryant’s sixth championship came in the form of an Oscar. The award was for “Dear Basketball” which you can watch right here. Check out this making of too, really cool how it all came together.

And maybe not an Oscar, but great to see this many NBA players getting together for a full-length feature film. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Uncle Drew.

Houston Rockets 17-game Winning Streak

At some point we need to start believing the Rockets could get to the NBA Finals.

That DeRozan Dunk Tho…

Wait, are we doing a high five or…

The Great Embiid vs. Whiteside rivalry continues

A surprising amount of NBA to this week’s post. I think it’s because the next three weeks will be dominated by college basketball. Come check out Traveling on Monday.

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