Traveling: The Week in Basketball (3.2)

Traveling is your quickest way to catch up on the weekend (or week) in the NBA and college basketball. I’ll have a new post up every Monday and Friday; ideal for your morning commute to work or that first bathroom break of the day.

Let’s get into it!

bear ref

What college basketball should be

It feels like college basketball is having nothing but bad news lately.

And it got me thinking, what’s the goal moving forward after all of these scandals involving shoe companies, agents, and coaches.

Quite simply, I think it’s a change in rules that allows the players who can make the jump from high school to the NBA to do that and for college to be college basketball again. A sport dominated by juniors and seniors.

Devonte` Graham’s senior speech was a great reminder of what college basketball is at it’s best.

Hey Drexel fans, I’m sorry

Drexel fans, you deserved better. On February 22nd you came back from a 34-point deficit to win. Makes Michigan State’s comeback vs. Northwestern look just kind of meh.

And yet, it didn’t make last week’s Traveling. Consider this my make-up call.

Number 1 almost falls

It wasn’t looking good for No. 1 Virginia on the road at Louisville. But they clawed back and in the end, the bank was open.

Video copyright owned by ACC Network.

Buzz Williams tells crowd to quit cussing

What’s the one thing more awesome than a big win over Duke? Buzz Williams hopping on the microphone to tell fans to quit cussing.

Video copyright owned by ESPN.

Woah, what happened to Rhode Island

Rhode Island was one of my trendy sorta Cinderella Sweet 16 picks. But then they got beat 78-48… at home… to St. Joe’s…

Don’t look now, but… 

Bonzie Colson played Senior Night for the Fighting Irish, scored 12 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in a 73-56 win.

The Irish are 8-9 in conference but what’s different about their story vs. other similar record ACC bubble teams like Louisville and Florida State is they have a good excuse for all the losses. It will be hard to get to 9-9, the Irish go @ Virginia on senior night, but if the Selection Committee lets Notre Dame in at 8-10 beware of this team in your bracket.

Let’s jump to the NBA

Just want to let everyone know, March will be dominated by college basketball content. This holds true in Traveling as well as the rest of the site.

With that being said, Ezra brought the fire with this week’s Streamable picks.

Ezra Streamable picks of the week

JeVale McGee hits fadeaway jump shot. Jon Stewart of Daily Show fan has the best reaction. 

You think NBA teams intentionally try to tank? Lol.

LeBron: Part GOAT, Part Troll

The MJ vs. LeBron debate will be a great one to have probably for the rest of my life. It’s stats like these (from Mitch Adams on Twitter) that help the King’s case:

“LeBron James has won 43 percent of the Eastern Conference Player of the Month awards since entering the league (37 of the 86 awarded).”

That’s a long run of excellence (or maybe a weak Eastern Conference 😉 )

As for the trolling, what do you do when Philly puts up billboards in Cleveland inviting you to #CompleteTheProcess with the 76ers? Post a photo of you and Ben Simmons, side-by-side, on Instagram. 

I’m sure this didn’t cause any Cavs fans some indigestion.



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