Two weeks until Selection Sunday

Hey, great news, our podcast is now available on iTunes/your podcast app. Just search Medium Rare College Basketball, hit us with a subscribe to keep up with new episodes.

First Two Minutes – Did the FBI delete our last podcast episode?

2 – 6 Minutes – Kansas wins Big 12, Devonte` Graham’s shot, are KU fans like Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

7 – 14 Minutes – Michigan State wins the Big 10. Is the committee just going to keep pretending Michigan State is not a No. 1 seed? How much do conference titles really mean?

14 – 16 Minutes – Shameless plugs for

16 – 21 Minutes – Their case is they don’t have a case: TCU and Arkansas

21 – 27 Minutes – Let’s dive into the SEC. Which teams should we watch out for?

27 – 39 Minutes – Talk about FBI scandal, Arizona Sean Miller situation. Is he using the Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me” defense? Did you know coaches have shoe deals? How do we sign Tom Izzo for the Medium Rare Basketball shoe? Should big-name programs threaten to leave the NCAA to form the NBA U-21 league? #OpenForum

39 – 46 Minutes – NC State is legit. Notre Dame, give me some Bonzie Colson! Put in mid-majors as last four in not below average major teams.

46 – 60 Minutes – Bubble Watch! And man do we love Wisconsin. They’re just good guys. #BuzzCut #BoRyan

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