Traveling: The Weekend in Basketball (2.26)

Traveling is your quickest way to catch up on the weekend (or week) in the NBA and college basketball. I’ll have a new post up every Monday and Friday; ideal for your morning commute to work or that first bathroom break of the day.

I’m on a two-game losing streak in terms of getting this up in the morning vs. night. I’m watching film, going to make the necessary adjustments, hope to turn this ship around.

But no more wasting time. Let’s get into it!

bear ref

The FBI… You Know What, No. Not today!

The college basketball landscape has been dominated by this FBI scandal. I’d give an update here but I spent a long time this weekend working on an ebook on the subject matter. Plus Chuck and I talked about it on the Medium Rare College Basketball podcast (episode coming soon).

So instead, I mean this is Senior Week after all. Let’s get sentimental. Bring up two positive stories from college basketball.

A look at Purdue’s seniors, how much success they brought these last four years

This guy on Iowa missed a free throw to preserve someone else’s record. The reason will bring you a nice Monday night cry

Kansas somehow wins their 14th in a row

Tune in later this week for a longer post on Bill Self’s Backup, but short version: Kansas went to Lubbock, beat Texas Tech, Devonte` Graham made this circuit shot. The Jayhawks now hold the longest conference title streak in college basketball history passing UCLA.

Now we just need some more Final Fours Bill!

Things are getting messy in Arizona

Sean Miller wasn’t allowed to coach against Oregon. The ESPN story says there’s a wiretapped conversation regarding $100k for Ayton to play at Arizona. Miller wasn’t allowed to coach, Ayton was allowed to play. The University is fighting this allegation.

And oh by the way, Trier failed another drug test. Arizona is fighting that too. Keep all of this in mind when filling out your bracket.

I want you to spend some time with this box score


What was the message at halftime? Alright guys, second half let’s go out there and make a couple baskets! Literally. I’m just asking for two this time.

Let’s Jump to the NBA

I’m going to pass the ball right away to Ezra’s Streamable and YouTube picks of the week.

Let’s make Jokic a household name

Did you know Jason Terry is still playing?

Should Andre Drummond be… running the point?

Shifting gears, another reason to like DeRozan

Jumping to a more serious topic just wanna applaud DeMar DeRozan, he opened up on his fight with depression in this ESPN article.

Medium Rare Basketball very much likes to keep things light, our goal is always to entertain and make you laugh, but one of my passion projects outside of the site is helping in the space of depression, anxiety, and OCD. My general belief is that anyone going through any of those things shouldn’t feel on an island because that just makes matters feel even worse.

If anyone has a favorite charity or organization in mind who works in the space of helping people fight depression, email it to me ( The first one that comes in, Medium Rare Basketball will make a $100 donation.

And to end on a lighter note

Here are a couple bears playing basketball.

Video done by Katmai National Park and Preserve

Still hungry for more basketball? Consider these ebooks

How to Fix Professional Basketball (and college too) 

Don’t Hate the Warriors: How Golden State Gradually Built a Super Team

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