Medium Rare College Basketball Podcast

Another big week of college basketball. Here’s the show’s layout:

First 12 minutes – Michigan State’s epic comeback against Northwestern
12 – 18 minutes – Kansas Jayhawks back in the mix for Big 12 crown
19 – 25 minutes – Oklahoma falling. In danger of missing tournament?
Halftime 25 -31 – Update on FBI investigation of NCAA basketball
31 – 34 minutes – Look back at the Top 16 teams
34 – 46 minutes – We try to make sense of the wacky quadrant system
46 – 53 minutes – Quick thoughts on Arizona, Kentucky, Wichita State
53 – 57 minutes – A look at the week ahead

Good news too, we got the sound quality figured out. Anyone interested in podcasting, go check out the Blue Snowball microphone. Professional sound and really not that expensive. Talking like $50 not $500.

If you have ideas for show improvements or segments you want us to cover each week, send me a note at



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