Traveling: The Weekend in Basketball (2.19)

Traveling is your quickest way to catch up on the weekend (or week) in the NBA and college basketball. I’ll have a new post up every Monday and Friday; ideal for your morning commute to work or that first bathroom break of the day.

This weekend we had the NBA All-Star festivities and more craziness in college basketball. Let’s get right into it.

bear ref

NBA All-Star Weekend

Spencer Dinwiddie won the Taco Bell Skills Challenge and is low-key auditioning for best goatee in the league. Catch up on the whole event here.

Donovan Mitchell won the NBA Dunk contest. I know slam dunk contest purists say the event is not what it used to be, but I don’t know, this year was pretty damn good.

Ezra’s pick for best dunk of the night 

Mitchell may have won, but Larry Nance Jr. might have had the best dunk of the night. It’s a slow burn. Definitely grows on you. Takes until the third replay before you think, “That’s actually incredible.”

Hey, is that Fergie?

Fergie sang the national anthem. The best review I saw on Facebook was imagine Marilyn Monroe doing the “Happy birthday Mr. President” style for an entire national anthem.

There’s actually a mixed reaction going on in the Twittersphere. Some think it was pretty good. A lot think it was the worst ever.

Well, see for yourself:

Hold it together, Draymond. Hold it together… 


Did she pull a Mariah Carey?

I think there may be a new marketing strategy being tested out. Remember Mariah Carey’s performance on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago? What was everyone talking about on the internet the next day? Video must have gotten tens of millions of views.

Then next year she does the show again, has a better performance. Maybe the approach is go viral with the bad, gets your name back out there, then do a comeback. Everyone loves a comeback story. We’ll have to wait and see here.

Did the NBA players actually care about the All-Star game?

I don’t know if it was because of the new format or if league officials told the players, hey, can you care just a tad this year, but Sunday night’s game was pretty entertaining to watch.

Who won?

Team LeBron. LeBron hit a late game three over Embiid, hit another shot, and then assisted to Russell Westbrook (who’s got the clutch gene now, Skip?). LeBron was named NBA All-Star game MVP.

Let’s Jump to College

Another busy Saturday. Five Top 25 teams went down to unranked opponents.

Craziest game

Michigan State was down by 27 to Northwestern in the first half. Second half the Spartans held Northwestern to three field goals and something like nine percent shooting.

MSU came back to win the game which was the biggest comeback in Big 10 history; fifth biggest in NCAAB history.

Villanova sweeps Xavier

Villanova got the big road win at Xavier, sweeping the season series and likely securing their spot as a No. 1 seed.

Cincinnati’s Streak is Over

Cincinnati had the longest home winning streak in the country at 39 games. I think their last 19 home games were double-digit wins. But the streak ended on Sunday with a loss to Wichita State.

Tie at the top of the Big 12

Kansas had another late-game comeback against West Virginia, and Texas Tech lost at Baylor. The two teams are now tied for first place in the Big 12. Big showdown coming next Saturday that will likely determine if Kansas can extend the streak to 14.

Tune in Friday for a recap of the week in basketball. Thanks for Traveling with us today!

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