That Lagerald Vick dunk tho…

By: Chris O’Brien

If you are a Kansas Jayhawks fan, you need at least three writers in your arsenal:

  1. Gary Bedore – Kansas City Star
  2. Jesse Newell – Kansas City Star
  3. Chris O’Brien – Bill Self’s Backup on Medium Rare Basketball (shameless self-promotion)

Why? Because you’ll get stuff like this:

I went back to re-examine the game tape and did a little iPhone work.

Check this out!




Or go all film-noir with this one…

IMG_4549No matter which poster you choose, Vick may have just secured a spot in the NBA with this dunk alone.

You can go check out Jesse Newell’s full write-up over here. It’s complete with analysis, quotes from players, and–most importantly–giphys of all the alley-oops from the Syracuse game.

I’ll have two posts up this week, one chronicling Devonte’ Graham’s big week (back-to-back 35 pt games) and then a (depressing) trip down memory lane with the 2003 Syracuse vs. Kansas national championship game and how that one game may have changed the course of 21st-century college basketball. 

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