Keith’s Carolina BBQ: Joel Berry II the Dexter Fowler of the Tar Heels

By: Keith Hartley

You go, we go… You go, we go.

For most Chicagoans, this mantra was a very familiar refrain for the 2016 Chicago Cubs as a way of saying if Dexter Fowler played well, the team played well.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 UNC Tar Heels where Dexter Fowler is Joel Berry II aka JB3 (I know he’s the second but he shoots lots of 3’s and it sounds better than JB2, don’t @ me). The upside of this arrangement is that by the nature of basketball, one player (especially a guard in college) can take over and influence the game more than any other single player in team sports. The downside, though, basketball is still a team sport and the 2016 Cubs had a MUCH better supporting cast than JB3 currently has. I say all of this basically to disprove my own point as during last night’s game, JB shot 1-11 for the field and yet the team still scored over 90 and won the game (but it was Bucknell so there’s that…)

Let’s get to my observations from the game:

  • I really hope that JB3’s shooting is still a result from his (absolutely idiotic but also totally understandable) pre-season hand injury, you can read more about that Here
  • Not really part of the game but was announced yesterday, grad transfer Cam Johnson will be out for 4-6 weeks. This makes Carolina’s thin depth that much thinner
  • Theo Pinson and Sterling Manley really stepped up huge last night. If Theo has found an offensive side to round out his great defense, he could prove to be incredibly valuable

Other random musings from across the CBB landscape

  • I hate Duke more than any other team EVER and Grayson Allen has been just the next in the long line of deplorable humans that seem to stay at Duke for 7 years each
  • Kansas seems to have a real depth issue. They can only depend on one player to come off the bench and play any substantial minutes. 30+ min for all 5 starters in every game is not a good long-term plan
  • Football school to watch out for in CBB – Miami. Their football team is really reclaiming their 90’s swag but don’t sleep on their basketball team either. Bruce Brown and Lonnie Walker are LEGIT

Our first rivalry on the site is born. Carolina fans, you got Keith. Duke fans, you got Jamen. Soon Kansas blog will be joined by Momo’s Missouri blog, and I’m sure we’ll have a University of Michigan one to rival Michigan State. 

If you have a team you would like to cover once a week with a few observations on their games, email me – 

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