Podcast Episode 9: Week 1 of the NBA

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So much ground to cover after Week 1. Here’s just a handful of the topics discussed:

  • Gordon Hayward injury. Do the Celtics fall out of the Top 4 in the East?
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo rising, is he quietly leading the MVP race?
  • A mess in Phoenix. Coach out, star rookie pretending to open fire on a fan, and Bledsoe sending out a rescue plea on Twitter.
  • The Brooklyn Nets… hey, they can score
  • Thunder vs. T’Wolves. What do we think of their starting fives
  • Philadelphia 76ers are 0-3 but Simmons and Embiid awesome to watch. Any reason to worry about the record or did they just play three top teams?
  • NBA League Pass – Can you use the Pizza Hut promo codes from a different city?

And more! Check out the episode here or look for us in the iTunes store/Podcast app.

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